Conveyor Belt

$890.00 incl GST

The Conveyor Belt is a kid-powered kinetic machine. Kids crank the handle to move the belt and immediately see results of their effort. Designed to get your children thinking about mechanics and moving parts.


The conveyor belt is a means of transport that people have used to transport sand, gravel, bales of straw or logs from one place to another. Even our small builders and farmers sometimes need transport assistance. This conveyor belt is very robust and offers many play possibilities. Whether as a means of transporting bricks or for the role play “at the cash register”, due to its adjustable incline, it can be used in several areas. In addition to role-playing, basic knowledge about mechanics, statics, function and basic physical laws is imparted playfully. The conveyor belt has a choice of 4 heights, with easy and safe, height adjustment.

Not recommended for children under 3 years. 

Material: Made of birch multiplex, treadmill made of polymer.

Dimensions: 120 cm long, 30 cm wide, treadmill 20 cm wide, at the highest level about 68 cm high.