Magnetic Words & Symbols

$145.00 incl GST

The Magnetic Words and Symbols Pack contains 60 5cm x 10cm magnets. This collection of directional words and action statements compliment the visual indications of arrows, equation symbols, and more… Perfect for use on our Magnet Walls!

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Use the Magnetic Words & Symbols to help children make connections between ramp play on the Magnet Wall and language. Various descriptive and directional words and symbols can be used in combination to encourage playful investigations.

This pack contains 60 magnets, 12 of which are blank – use dry erase or whiteboard markers to write your own words and symbols!

Appropriate for all grade levels, pre-k through grade 12.

Magnet Words and Symbols Pack Includes:

60 x 5cm x 10cm Magnets, made up of:
– Magnet Wall Words: directional words, action words, and descriptive words.
– Magnet Wall Symbols: arrows, stop lights, equation symbols, and more.