Marble Rubber Ramps

$167.20 incl GST

A smaller version of our traditional Rubber Ramps, this set is perfect for a table top or smaller floor space.  The Marble Rubber Ramp loops, twists, banks and launches! Captivating and engaging for all ages, children will use the Marble Rubber Ramp to explore cause and effect relationships, speed, gravity, and force as they build complex courses, highways, loop-de-loops and roller coasters.

Understand how to connect Ramp Play with Curriculum Outcomes in these examples using the NSW Syllabus:
Early Stage 1 Ramp Play
Stage 1 Ramp Play
Stage 2 Ramp Play
Stage 3 Ramp Play

Similar to its larger Rubber Ramp counterpart,  this Marble Rubber Ramp loops, twists, banks and launches. Create a marble run track like no other. It teaches perseverance, physics, problem-solving, and collaboration. It’s a great companion to our original Rubber Ramp, demonstrating many of the same principles but with very different physical play.

Children can model a marble run track design with the smaller Marble Rubber Ramp, then scale it up for larger play with the original Rubber Ramp, adding a lesson in proportionality to the play.

Add in blocks, wooden ramps, cardboard tube tunnels, stones, or any other play items to extend the design and experimentation!

With three 2.4m sections of ramp and plenty of marbles, the Marble Rubber Ramp can easily accommodate several groups of young engineers. An included storage bag makes this set a portable teaching resource and convenient for sharing between classroom spaces or rooms.

Marble Rubber Ramp Pack Includes:
– 3 x Marble Rubber Ramp Tracks, 2.4m each
– 30 x Assorted Marbles
– 5 x Steel Ball Bearings
– 1 x Canvas Storage Bag
– suggestions for ways to play and learn

Please Note:

  • Small parts not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Use with adult supervision.
  • Included items are listed above, images may show items pictured for demonstration purposes only.