Mobile Weaving Wall

$2,350.50 incl GST

With a focus on process, patterns, and cooperative mirroring, the portable Mobile Weaving Wall invites children to work together to weave up and down and in and out, side to side with an endless variety of textures, materials, and designs.

Our Mobile Weaving Wall transforms your classroom, entry or hallway into a fibre arts studio. The Horizontal Dowel Module allows children to weave up and down, and Vertical Dowel Module side to side. As children weave fibres and use the large loom combs to compact their work, they develop left to right and right to left motor coordination, eye-hand coordination, spatial reasoning, and patterning skills.

Working with or alongside their peers, children will express themselves using line, color, and texture. Offer children your own collections of fabric and paper strips, yarn, string, even long grasses and pliable twigs. We’ve included two Loom Combs to support the use of tools in your learning environment.

Being mobile, the unit can be moved from room to room as children access the wall from all sides as well as the side panels which feature large openings reminiscent of lacing holes. Temporary works of fibre art created on the Weaving Wall help both children and adults discover the value of the creative process.

Mobile Weaving Wall Includes:
– Horizontal Dowel Module
– Vertical Dowel Module
– Mobile Frame
– 2 x Loom Comb
– Hardware Pack
– Assembly and Installation Instructions

Use your own weaving craft materials to create a variety of fibre art designs – please note craft materials shown are not included.

Total dimensions: approx. 188cm long x 130cm high

Please Note:

After placing your order, a bulky item surcharge applies for The Mobile Weaving Wall.  Surcharge based on the delivery postcode.