Rainbow Peg Board & Pegs

$393.50 incl GST

Place our Rainbow Peg Board near a window, or other source of light and watch as children are naturally drawn to making illuminated patterns and designs using the included brightly coloured acrylic pegs.  It’s a wonderfully appealing, visually stunning way to play with colour and light!

Designed and manufactured by Mud Kitchen in Australia, our Rainbow Peg Board is a children’s sensory toy that is a unique and thoroughly engaging way to play with light and colour!  Even a small amount of natural or artificial light will create an illuminated ‘sensory canvas’ on which children can create endless patterns, designs, and images.

The solid natural wood birch board slots into feet which allow it to be free-standing on a tabletop, floor, or shelf, but lay flat for storage, or to use horizontally on a light board.  Included are 140 transparent solid acrylic pegs in seven bright colours that slide easily into the holes on the board, perfect for developing eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills.

When the pegs are added to the board, a pixel effect happens, creating an opportunity to learn about visual design, pointillism in art, or the use of pixels to create digital images.  Further extend the play by recreating letters and numbers using the pegs on the board. A children’s sensory toy like no other.

Pegs can be added from both sides of the board, making this both a quiet sensory solo activity or one for pairs or groups.

Discover how the Rainbow Peg Board can contribute to EYLF outcomes: EYLF Rainbow Peg Board.pdf

Rainbow Peg Board Includes:

– High-quality birch plywood board, measuring 49cm high x 50mm wide (not including the feet height), with 132 uniform holes spaced evenly, finished with a non-toxic finish that easily wipes clean.

– 2 x 9cm high feet that slot snugly into the board.

– 140 x acrylic pegs in seven transparent colours (20 each per colour), pegs are 7cm long x 2cm in diameter.  Colours are: Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Pink, and Clear.

– Suggestions for ways to play and learn.

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