Rubber Ramp Kit with Stackers

$374.00 incl GST

This flexible, durable Rubber Ramp will keep children and adults alike intrigued for hours, all while exploring Newton’s Third Law of Motion.  Use the included stackable stands to build hills and slopes around an entire room. A great STEM activity, focusing on slope, momentum, gravity, force, trajectory, and friction, among countless other concepts. Very few other products or activities provide playful learning opportunities like the Rubber Ramp Kit.

Understand how to connect Ramp Play with Curriculum Outcomes in these examples using the NSW Syllabus:
Early Stage 1 Ramp Play
Stage 1 Ramp Play
Stage 2 Ramp Play
Stage 3 Ramp Play

Cause and effect at its best!  When using this fun Ball Ramp Toy, children experiment with gravity and momentum, learning that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The Kodo Kids Rubber Ramp Kit is a long piece of flexible ramp and assorted sturdy custom-made PVC stackers which allows children to explore the manipulation of a continuous line, and to experiment with elevation change in relation to a start and ending point. A wonderful Ball Ramp Toy for the classroom!

Use the stackable stands to create hills, slopes, or banks around an entire room! (please note some accessories shown in video and images are not included in this set, see inclusions below)

Rubber Ramp with Stackers includes:

– 7.6m of sturdy, flexible Rubber Ramp (can be cut into smaller sections to suit any space)

– 12 x PVC Stackers for creating height, slopes and tunnels

– 10 x Assorted Wooden Balls

– How to guide with ideas and learning concepts