Swiss Cheese Tower Stands

$495.00 incl GST

Designed for a multitude of uses, the Swiss Cheese Towers are sure to get your children thinking, hypothesizing and experiencing through child directed PLAY!

Play Based Learning is made easy with the Swiss Cheese Tower Stands.  Children’s play with ramps can be very complex. Not only do children like to build long and winding ramp paths, they like to build tall ones as well. Swiss Cheese Stands are perfect for play with ramps. This unique ramp accessory set is a tool for adding height, dimension, and multiple pathways to children’s play with ramps. Adding elevation to ramps allows children to tinker with the design. Flexing creative and critical thinking skills means play becomes more complex, allowing a play-based approach to early childhood and education.

Kodo’s Discovery Ramps and Rubber Ramps can be used with the Swiss Cheese Tower Stands.  Pair this set with the Baby Swiss Cheese Towers for even more options!  Simple assembly required for play, unpacks and lays flat for storage.

Swiss Cheese Tower Stands include:

high-quality, wooden, slot together pieces to make :

– 1 x 25cm tall Tower

– 1 x 48cm tall Tower

– 1 x 71.1cm tall Tower

Please note:

  • Not intended for permanent use outdoors, not weather or water-resistant
  • Included accessories are listed above, not all items in videos or images are included, and are shown to illustrate how various packs can fit together to further investigative play