Designing, constructing, collaborating on a mega-scale!

Big Blue Blocks are an innovative, open-ended, play-based learning system that transforms any space — schools, preschools, museums, playgrounds, libraries, and community spaces – into imaginative, creative, innovative hubs for hands-on STEM/STEAM play, encouraging learning, social development, movement, and above all, fun.

Play-based learning of STEM concepts, such as:

  • Engineering / Physics
  • Design Processes
  • Proportionality
  • Shape Identification
  • Observation
  • Investigation
  • Modelling
  • Geometry
  • Measuring / Recording
  • Patterns / Grouping
  • Symmetry/Mirroring
  • Simple Machines & Mechanisms
  • If / Then Thinking
  • Comparing / Contrasting

And other essential skills, such as:

  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Release, Relaxation
  • Collaboration Fine & Gross Motor Development
  • Self-Expression
  • Accomplishment
  • Social Development
  • Focus, Determination
  • Curiosity & Discovery
  • Dramatic & Artistic Expression
  • Resiliency
  • Inclusivity
bricks, cogs,
curves, and

Traditional playgrounds consist primarily of fixed equipment, such as slides, climbing frames and see-saws, all of which focus on developing children’s gross motor skills. By contrast, Big Blue Blocks are “loose parts” that prompt children to transform their environment and create a play space of their own.

Big Blue Blocks contain a wide variety of loose parts, including cubes, bricks, cogs, curves, and cylinders. The parts however, are not simply loose. They have holes and shapes that fit together in ways that allow the continuation of a child’s idea, and an irresistible invitation to imagine, create, and design.

A set of squares becomes a wall. A wall becomes a room. A room becomes a house. In this way, the pieces fit or connect together to make immersive play last a long time.

Big Blue Blocks grow with kids!


Simply picking up a Big Blue Block begins to teach kids basic principles of maths and physics. Building even the most basic tower teaches important skills of prediction and cause and effect.

Ages 4–7

As kids’ structures grow more intricate, they intuitively learn the concepts of balance, mass, and gravity by doing. They also learn spatial relationships and develop gross fine motor control.

Ages 7–10

Kids enter the representational stage of block building. They use their structures to depict their world symbolically, engage in dramatic play to create new play scenarios, and learn social skills by negotiating and working collaboratively with other students.

Ages 10+

Big Blue Blocks engages children of all ages, from teachers to adults, to engage and create in new ways, although specific developmental benefits have not been established.

Big Blue Blocks are “loose parts” that prompt children to transform their environment and create an ever-changing play space of their own.

“Enter into children’s play and you will find the place where their minds, hearts, and souls meet.” VIRGINIA AXLINE

Big Blue Blocks are big block play.

Researchers have long known that playing with blocks helps children develop cognitive and social skills. Big Blue Blocks combine all of the benefits of block play on a larger-than-life-size scale that encourages kids to play together in groups and have more fun while learning.

Big Blue Blocks are free play.

Unstructured, child-directed play is a critical component of healthy social, emotional and intellectual development. Unlike toys and games, Big Blue Blocks don’t dictate to children the way they’re meant to be played.

With Big Blue Blocks, kids literally make their own open-ended fun. There’s no right or wrong way to play with them. That’s also why they’re only available in one colour. This facilitates more imaginative play, without any distraction or competition that might arise from having multi-coloured toys.

Big Blue Blocks are safe.

Big Blue Blocks are made of a lightweight foam that is non-toxic and microbe and mould resistant. They’re soft and friendly to the touch yet dense and firm enough to build structures and shapes. Their velvety texture allows stacked blocks to stay in place and not slip around during building. Big Blue Blocks meet American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CFSC) standards, and are fully compliant with AUS/NZ product safety standards.

Big Blue Blocks are durable.

Put them to the test with water, sand, or sun! Unlike other loose parts that may have a short life span under repeated use or in an outdoor environment, Big Blue Blocks are made of a dense, but lightweight, foam that is waterproof and resistant to weather conditions such as sun, heat and cold. Though the colour may fade to a lighter blue over time, the Blocks are durable and long lasting, and their life can be extended further if they are periodically cleaned with soap and water and left to air dry fully.

* Rough surfaces can dent or scratch Blocks, though this will not have an effect on the playability, softer, flat surfaces are recommended.

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