Big Blue Blocks

The Ultimate Hands-On, Open-Ended, Loose Parts Playground

Designing, Constructing, Collaborating on a Mega-Scale!

Perfect for virtually any location, Big Blue Blocks, made in the USA, and known around the world as Imagination Playground, give children the opportunity to transform their own environment, creating ever-changing playscapes bursting with wonder, imagination, and inspiration

Big Blue Blocks ARe...

Loose Parts Play!

Using Big Blue Blocks, children create a new world everyday...

Unlike fixed playground systems, Big Blue Blocks are endlessly adaptable, inside and out, for active, creative, collaborative play.

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Upgrade Your Playspace with Big Blue Blocks in 3 Simple Steps...

most popular
Big Blue Blocks CLASSIC Set
The perfect place to start!
105-piece set made up of bricks, cylinders, and gears,
accented with chutes, channels, and other parts
that suggest motion and connectivity,
inspiring creative design and endless invention.
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Extend the Fun
Big Blue Blocks ANGLES Add-On Set
This 46-piece Add-On Set introduces more advanced
geometric concepts like polygons and concave shapes,
and a wider range of scale which provides the ability
to construct more mechanical connections.
even more possibilities
Big Blue Blocks CURVES Add-On Set
This 46-piece Add-On Set offers complex, curvilinear,
and biomorphic shapes, adding whimsy, and allowing
for more self-expression, greater options for figuration,
and finer details, as well as the creation of advanced structures.
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Benefits of Big Blue Blocks...

Big Blue Blocks Are...

Perfect Inside & Outdoors

It's ultimate portable playground that gets re-invented every time! Use outside with sand, water, or mud, or bring in to a classroom or school hall for lessons or free play - versatile, flexible, adaptable!

Big Blue Blocks Grow with Kids

At each age and stage, kids are learning, exploring, experimenting, and discovering something new with the Big Blue Blocks. Every play experience is a totally new one, every creation a chance to bring imagination to life...