Mud Kitchen is very pleased to be bringing Rigamajig to Australia!

The ULTIMATE in 'Unplugged' STEM Play!

**As seen on the Netflix Original Abstract: Art of Design - Season 2, Episode 4**

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Designed by Cas Holman, and inspired by the European model of adventure playgrounds, Rigamajig is a truly unique large-scale, loose parts building kit conceived for hands-on play and STEM/STEAM learning.

An amazing array of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts, arcs, chutes, containers, platforms, cogs, gears, and ropes encourage children to follow their innate curiosity to design, innovate, investigate, collaborate, imagine, and explore through self-directed play!

The pieces can come together as a ‘Rube Goldberg’-style contraption used to convey buckets or materials, or they can become a giraffe, monster, robot, airplane, sculpture, or just a ‘thingy.’

Rigamajig enables easily accessible, cognitively challenging play opportunities or children (and adults!) of any age in any environment—inside a classroom, on a playground, school hall, or in any play space.

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