Curvy Tunnel Rocker
Curvy Tunnel Rocker
Curvy Tunnel Rocker
Curvy Tunnel Rocker
Curvy Tunnel Rocker

Curvy Tunnel Rocker


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AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES - 60cm and 120cm, choose above

These large wooden half-cylinders are guaranteed physical, sensory fun with so many uses!

Able to withstand all the rigors of play, use indoors or outside as a slide, tunnel, boat, plane, balance beam, rocker, or any other way you can imagine! This incredibly durable and strong curved Birch plywood piece is a wonderfully unique addition to any space, and allows for playful exploration of balance, movement, engineering, Physics, and more.

Excellent for gross motor skill development, dramatic and creative play, as a natural construction element, or for STEM experimentation and discovery.

Use the Curvy Tunnel Rocker for:

  • gross motor skills - crawling, tunnelling, sitting, climbing, rocking, balancing
  • as a ball rocker for STEM exploration of path, trajectory, motion, speed and angles
  • as part of an obstacle course
  • as an imaginary boat, rocket and more
  • tunnels for toy trains, cars, or our Rubber Ramp
  • caves or hidey holes for stuffed animals
  • a space for collecting all sorts of things
  • cradles for baby dolls
  • bridges for toys and people
  • quiet spot for calm play

Comes in two lengths (choose size above):

60cm (as a rocker for 1-2 smaller children) OR 120cm (as a rocker for up to 4 children). Both are 45cm in diameter.

Made in the USA of sturdy Birch Plywood, with a clear varnish for easy cleaning.

Recommended for ages 3+ with adult supervision

Please note: (as applicable)

  • Not intended for permanent use outdoors, not weather or water-resistant
  • May attract a Bulky Item Surcharge 
  • Inclusions are listed above, not all items in videos or images are included, and are shown only to illustrate how various packs can fit together to further investigative play
  • Offer a basket of balls along with the Curvy Tunnel Rocker for an interesting playful STEM exploration of path, trajectory, angle and motion as balls travel up the sides of the half cylinder as it is rocked. Notice if children try to control the ball’s speed or path by rocking fast or slow.
  • Flip it over as a tunnel and cover with a silk cloth or ordinary bed sheet, add a couple of flashlights, dim the classroom lights and let the discovery begin. Children will soon be pretending to be nightcrawlers, beetles, moles and snakes as they scoot, crawl and slither through it.
  • Prop up one end on a stack of mats or cushions. Outdoors, position it on a grassy slope or mound of sand. Sliding down a Curvy Tunnel Rocker is wonderfully fun but must be supervised by an adult.
  • Incorporate a Curvy Tunnel Rocker into your next impromptu obstacle course.

Questions to think about:

How does changing the way you rock the half round, change the way the ball moves?

Where in the community would you find a structure similar to the half round? Perhaps on a construction site, community skateboard park or natural landform.

Try other materials in addition to balls. What properties does a material need to work well with the half round? 

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