Indoor Magnet Wall
Indoor Magnet Wall Kodo
Indoor Magnet Wall
Indoor Magnet Wall Kodo
Indoor Magnet Wall Kodo
Indoor Magnet Wall Kodo
Indoor Magnet Wall Kodo
Indoor Magnet Wall Kodo
Indoor Magnet Wall Kodo
Indoor Magnet Wall Kodo

Indoor Magnet Wall


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The Magnet Wall puts STEM concepts, investigation-based inquiry, and systems thinking skills to work in classrooms, on playgrounds, and in community spaces. Examine STEM concepts of slope, cause and effect, momentum and gravity through hands-on experimentation!

Very few products on the market offer a vertical play space that challenges children to deal with gravity in this way. Children arrange the rings as they wish to create a vertical drop. Depending on the material of choice:  balls, cars, or even sand, children will learn how much slope is needed to move the material down the ramp, through the cups or over the bridge.

Each Magnet Wall comes with the STEM Fundamentals Pack of parts and features unlimited expansion options and endless opportunities for open-ended investigations.

See the full range of Magnet Wall options in our Magnet Wall catalogue (pdf)

The Indoor Magnet Wall mounts cleanly to any type of interior wall, including drywall, cement, brick, and more (assembly required, installation not included).

The Kodo Kids Indoor Magnet Wall includes:

- Two 86cm wide x 110cm tall metal panels (total size of joined panels is 172cm wide x 110cm tall) with high-quality wood trim and ball catch tray, where the children can stick, unstick and move magnetic rings which hold ramps, cups, tubes, and many other interactive pieces.

- 4 x Magnetic Ramps (1 x 90cm, 1 x 60cm, 2 x 30cm)

- 2 x Non-Magnetic Ramps (1 x 90cm, 1 x 60cm)

- 6 x Magnetic Rings to hold included ramps and water cups, or your own tunnels, funnels, spouts, etc

- 4 x Magnetic Deflector Walls

- 25 x Wooden Balls

- 4 x Catcher Cups

- Assembly Instructions

- Teacher's guide for ideas and information

All materials are high-quality, durable and built to last, made in the USA to exacting standards for safe, engaging play.

Please note:

  • Assembly required, installation not included
  • Removal of the plastic covers from the magnets will not only scratch the Magnet Wall panels but it will also void your warranty.
  • This product must be secured against a wall for safety.
  • Magnets comply with safety standards for use by children over 3 years of age.
  • Included accessories are listed above, additional accessories to extend play are available separately. 
  • After placing your order, a bulky item surcharge applies for The Mobile Magnet Wall.  Surcharge based on the delivery post code.
  • Inclusions are listed above, not all items in videos or images are included, and are shown only to illustrate how various packs can fit together to further investigative play
  • Please allow additional time for delivery.

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