Light Lab Storage Pod Kodo
Light Lab Storage Pod Kodo
Light Lab Storage Pod Kodo

Light Lab Storage Pod


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The Light Lab Storage Pod is not only the perfect height for children to work on The Light Lab Colour Mixing Panel, it also stores all of your Light Lab accessories!

The Messy Material Tray sits right on the bottom shelf, while the Drawing Board and Marble Board fit snugly in specifically made slots right above it. The shelf above holds your Weaving Ring, or any other materials for your Light Lab!

*Does not include the Light Panel or any accessories - just the Storage Pod to start your collection!


Dimensions: 51cm tall, 81cm diameter

Material: Russian birch

Please note:

  • Not intended for permanent use outdoors, not weather or water-resistant
  • May attract a Bulky Item Shipping Surcharge 
  • Inclusions are listed above, not all items in videos or images are included, and are shown only to illustrate how various packs can fit together to further investigative play

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