Magnet Wall Water Pack Kodo

Magnet Wall Water Pack


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Designed for the Outdoor Magnet Wall, The Water Pack includes tubing, funnels, cups, and rings for extensive exploration of play with water, sand, slurry, and more! Mixing water with other materials and ramps gives children a hands-on opportunity to learn about viscosity and physics all at once in a developmentally appropriate manner.


  • 2 x Vinyl Hose, 16 mm x 183 cm
  • 3 x Small Funnels
  • 3 x Large Funnels
  • 4 x Cups
  • 6 x Rings

Appropriate for ages 3+

Note: The Water Pack is only for the Outdoor Magnet Wall. Water will damage the Indoor Magnet Wall and the Mobile Magnet Wall.

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