Rigamajig Jr Spinning Tops Kit - 70 Pieces Rigamajig
Rigamajig Jr Spinning Tops Kit - 70 Pieces Rigamajig
Rigamajig Jr Spinning Tops Kit - 70 Pieces Rigamajig
Rigamajig Jr Spinning Tops Kit - 70 Pieces Rigamajig

Rigamajig Jr Spinning Tops Kit - 70 Pieces


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Amazing loose-parts resource that inspires every young thinker to create, design, imagine, and follow their curiosity!

Rigamajig Junior Spinning Tops Kit contains parts in many colours, shapes, sizes and patterns. Inspired by tops that children were observed making with Rigamajig Junior, we designed new pieces for experimenting with inertia, symmetry, and lots of color!

Using one bolt as an axis, children can build different combinations of shapes and colors, then spin them to make cool optical illusions, patterns and sounds. The weirder the top, the bigger the surprise when it’s set in motion. Of course, other creations and creatures will emerge, so explore those, too - There are no instructions, only playful experimentation!

The pieces in the Rigamajig Jr Spinning Tops Kit are compatible with other Rigamajig Junior products (not with the larger Rigamajig sets), so they can be mixed and matched for endless possibilities.

The Rigamajig Junior range is designed for use in areas where space is at a premium, such as child care centres or homes.  It's also great for use in prototyping when testing design ideas before building larger structures.  Pieces are large enough to create imaginative structures, but small enough to fit on a desk or table top.

70 Parts in total, including:

  • 1- cm thick high-quality Baltic Birch Planks, Arcs, Shapes, Discs, and Hooks that range in dimension from 15cm – 56cm, and feature holes for making connections
  • Bolts, Hexnuts, and Brackets to connect and secure pieces, big enough for small hands to easily manipulate them, but strong enough to hold securely, made of heavy-duty plastic from recycled sources
  • Canvas Bucket with Handles

Manufactured in Vietnam of highest quality Baltic Birch and finished by hand.

**All Rigamajig products comply with ASTM and Consumer Product Safety Testing for Children’s Toys, US and EU, compatible with AUS/NZ standards, and are tested for ages 5 and up**

Please note:

  • Not intended for permanent use outdoors, not weather or water-resistant
  • Inclusions are listed above, not all items in videos or images are included, and are shown only to illustrate how various packs can fit together to further investigative play

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