Discovery Ramp Starter Set

$297.00 incl GST

Discovery Ramps by Kodo Kids are an incredibly open-ended and engaging way to introduce the fundamentals of Engineering and loose parts play to children. With a series of wooden ramps, balls, and tubes, students can explore STEM concepts such as force and motion, certain to spark creativity, fun and problem solving!

Understand how to connect Ramp Play with Curriculum Outcomes in these examples using the NSW Syllabus:
Early Stage 1 Ramp Play
Stage 1 Ramp Play
Stage 2 Ramp Play
Stage 3 Ramp Play

The Discovery Ramp Starter Set from Kodo Kids encourage children to use creative thinking and problem-solving skills to construct systems of interactive pathways with wooden ramps, balls, and tubes! Many loose parts provide an opportunity for playful experimentation and a place where failure is as celebrated as success.

During play with the Discovery Ramps, children plan, design, construct, test, and evaluate their work. Children will gain an understanding of force and motion as they tinker and experiment with physics-based concepts such as gravity, mass, and slope. Discovery Ramps truly uphold the statement that children learn through play!

The long wood pieces can be propped up on furniture, books, boxes, blocks or any unleveled surface and are the perfect size for the wooden balls to roll down. Ask children to explore this set and see child ingenuity at work!

Discovery Ramp Starter Set includes:

– 4 x 90cm wooden ramps

– 6 x 60cm wooden ramps

– 4 x 30cm wooden ramps

– 2 x 15cm tubes

– 1 x 30cm tube

– 10 x wooden balls

Please note:

  • Not intended for permanent use outdoors, not weather or water-resistant
  • Included accessories are listed above, not all items in videos or images are included, and are shown to illustrate how various packs can fit together to further investigative play
  • Additional balls available separately