Discovery Ramp STEM Exploration Kit

$3,985.90 incl GST

Looking for a complete ramp play collection? The Discovery Ramp STEM Exploration Kit includes everything you need to create a total ramp experience! All of our most popular ramp items in one handy kit.

During play with ramps, children experience a hands-on application of the core STEM concepts behind the physics of motion. Ramps allow children to inherently learn these concepts in a meaningful context building a fundamental understanding of physics, refining their problem-solving skills and working through fun and challenging play opportunities.

The Discovery Ramps Exploration Kit is a comprehensive, mobile ramp kit designed specifically for children to gain an understanding of force and motion through building and experimenting, testing and hypothesising, assessing failure points, and problem solving through use of a wide variety of ramps and construction options.

This Kit brings together our most popular ramp play products and includes:
– Ramps & Pathways book by Rheta DeVries and Christina Sales
– wooden balls
– wooden ramps
– birch wood ramp stands
– deflector kits
– rubber ramp
– rubber ramp stackers
– see inside pipe
– not so mini sandbags
– swiss cheese tower set
– fabric bags for ball storage
– wooden storage cart with wheels

Concepts Explored:
– momentum
– incline
– slope
– cause & effect
– mass
– gravity
– Newton’s Laws of Motion
– structural engineering concepts

Children are intrigued to experiment and test their creations using the many loose parts and pieces this kit has to offer! Accessibility and storage is made easy by the portable wooden cart. The Discovery Ramps Exploration Kit is the perfect fit for classrooms, libraries, after school programs, outdoor spaces, and special activities.

Please note:

Included accessories are listed above, not all items in videos or images are included, and are shown to illustrate how various packs can fit together to further investigative play