Light Lab Messy Material Tray

$220.50 incl GST

The Messy Material Tray holds all of your sensory materials in a see-through space for concentrated exploration. Made to fit on top of the Light Lab (but also great to use on its own!), this tray will take sensory play to the next level!

This durable, Messy Material Tray is 100% see through, so the full impact of your illuminated materials can be explored and appreciated. Great for exploring light play with sensory materials such as clay, shaving foam, sand, and more. The tray can even be flipped over for a shallower surface!

The Messy Material Tray was made to fit perfectly on the Light Lab Panel, but can also be used on the floor or surface of your choice!

Dimensions: 64cm diameter, 8.25cm tall
Material: Clear Polycarbonate

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