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Our Mud Kitchen Philosophy

All children deserve opportunities for screen-free playful learning experiences!

Mud Kitchen's products are carefully curated for their high quality, durability, unique character, versatility, and suitability in a wide range of settings. Our STEM / STEAM-focused resources are gender-neutral, inclusive, and designed to promote open-ended, non-prescriptive, hands-on play-based learning.

Meet our Partners in Unplugged Play...

Bringing these world-class, award-winning resources to communities & classrooms all over Australia & New Zealand

Explore, Discover, Grow.

Kodo believes that children should live in a world were they are free and empowered to think, create, fail and learn through inquiry-based play....

This is a world where inventive thinkers and leaders are nurtured from their earliest stages.

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Ultimate in Loose Parts

Big Blue Blocks, known world-wide as Imagination Playground, were conceived to challenge the idea of a traditional, static, fixed playground.

Endlessly transformative, they turn any environment into a larger-than-life, awe-inspiring play space.

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Creating Meaningful Play

Rigamajig's large-scale building kits inspire creativity, collaboration, problem-solving skills, and STEM / STEAM learning through hands-on play.

There is no right or wrong way to play, only limitless potential for inquiry-based imaginative learning.

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Ignite Curiosity, Spark Imagination & Learn by Doing

We believe that when young creators and thinkers have opportunities to explore, create, and learn through play...magic happens!

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We are passionate about
STE(A)M Learning Through Unplugged Play
It's what motivates our team to search the globe for the best hands-on, screen-free learning resources
to inspire and delight young thinkers, inventors, and dreamers of all ages, interests, and abilities.

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LARGE Dinosaur Bones - 160 Piece Set
Big Blue Blocks Imagination Playground
Quick view
Curvy Tunnel Rocker
from $395.50
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Zen Water Art Canvas Mud Kitchen
Zen Water Art Canvas
Quick view
Rainbow Peg Board & Pegs Mud Kitchen
Rainbow Peg Board & Pegs Mud Kitchen
Rainbow Peg Board & Pegs
Quick view
Marble Maze Ramps Mud Kitchen
Marble Maze Ramps
Quick view
Mobile Magnet Wall Mud Kitchen
Mobile Magnet Wall
Quick view
Discovery Ramp Starter Set Kodo
Discovery Ramp Starter Set Kodo
Discovery Ramp Starter Set
Quick view
Bendy Builders, Set of 96 Mud Kitchen
Bendy Builders, Set of 96 Mud Kitchen
Bendy Builders - Set of 96

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