Wiffle Balls - 20 pack Kodo
Wiffle Balls - 20 pack Kodo
Wiffle Balls - 20 pack Kodo
Wiffle Balls - 20 pack Kodo

Wiffle Balls - 20 pack


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 A staple of North American playgrounds for decades, this set of 20 Original Wiffle Balls (10 small and 10 large) are a perfect addition to your space! 

Catch, throw and roll these light weight, resilient plastic balls that are easy for young hands to grip! With cut outs on one side - you can explore the concept of air flow as you watch the different movements and curves as the balls takes flight.

Wiffle Balls are an excellent addition to your STEM learning environment due to their open-ended and uniquely constructed nature! These Original Wiffle Balls are an especially good roller for use on our Outdoor Ramps!

But applications don't end there! In addition to using in your ramp and construction areas, bring these durable balls into your sensory bin and see how they fill and scoop. Get them wet, use them with sand or mud!

Comes as a set of 20 balls:

  •  10 large (9.5 cm diameter)
  •  10 small (6 cm in diameter)

Perfect for home, child care, preschool or primary school use.

Made in the USA.

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